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Get to know me: [7/20] Favorite Relationships Charlie Matheson & Sebastian Monroe “Charloe” (Revolution)

He saved my life.

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Anonymous said: I read an fanfic once where bass/charlie talked about Halloween, can you do an AU charloe ficlet, with a Halloween theme?! Idk why but for some reason that sounds like something fun to read!


"I thought that you said that couples costumes are for dorks," Charlie pointed out.

"They are," Bass insisted before a slightly dopey smile formed on his lips. "But we’re hot enough to pull it off."

"What he means is that he’s already a huge fucking dork," Miles spoke up.

"Shut up." Bass told him. "What are you even doing in here? …Go away."

"I live here too." Miles pointed out. "I was in the room first. You want privacy, go somewhere else… Dork."

"Bass, we are not going as Batman and Batgirl," Charlie spoke up.

"Right, I get it." He responded, much to Charlie’s surprise.

A smile formed on her lips before she planted a kiss on him.

"No, I totally get it," Bass insisted as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "You’d rather go as Catwoman or a sexy Robin."

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Charlie & Miles | 1.05

You never used to be like this.

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Can i skip to the part in my life where i will wake up next to you? 

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"I wonder who’s gonna be by my side in 10 years."

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do you ever look at a ship and think this is it, this is the one, this is the motherducking ship that’s ruined me for good and I will never ever be okay again


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NBC_REV LJ Masterlist: 54 prompts in 54 days


To celebrate Revolution’s 2nd birthday nbc_revolution spent the better part of two months beating the crap out of 54 prompts.

If you’re bored, or really like commenting on things this is your lucky day.

Please note: Some ficlets form part of a series or AU that some authors built up using several prompts, and since I’ve listed everything by prompt number not the order they were written in you might read a story in reverse.

So, if you’re a stickler for order, I’d recommend going through the comments on the post one by one.

*Each ficlet was supposed to be between 100 and 500 words, but that was more of a guideline for some writers…

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wingsI need youto be my wings

I need you
to be my wings

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Charlie + losing her innocence

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